Storacall Agent E-learning

Equipping agents/reps with high level skills and behaviours required for customer retention, first call resolution, brand advocacy and cross/up-selling is crucial to becoming an excellent organisation. These high level skills e.g. questioning, listening, rapport, are not easily acquired within a classroom based environment. The most effective and sustainable method is by regularly learning in bite-sized chunks and immediately applying the learning. Down times are utilised by turning non-productive time into ‘learning and development’ time. Using Storacall E-learning to deliver learning that is highly interactive, self-paced, enjoyable and measurable is the answer.

Storacall Agent E-learning

Measurement arising from Quality Monitoring can be a very powerful influence for change and improvement. However, the measurement has to be effective otherwise incorrect feedback is delivered to the agents or contact centre. Having generated consistent and robust Quality Monitoring data, the potential benefits of measurement are only achieved if the delivery of the feedback is carried out in a motivational manner. Applying effective coaching skills ensures that the CSR/Rep discovers the improvement opportunities for themselves and takes ownership of the actions which need to be taken.

Storacall E-learning provides the solution with the following benefits:

  • Easy to author and use
  • Learning content is created rapidly and existing training material can be used
  • Highly interactive and uses real customer calls, screen recordings or video recordings
  • Meets the needs of the most critical performance management issues
  • Highly scalable (just purchase additional licenses as your contact centre grows) and can be implemented across multiple locations
  • Applicable for new recruits and also for continuous performance development
  • Measures the effectiveness of learning and enables accreditation to be used
  • Turns Quality Monitoring into 'Quality Monitoring + Learning'
  • Language versions available
  • Optional professional support services to help you get the maximum benefits

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