Storacall Agent Evaluation & Coaching

Storacall's VoisCoach Agent Evaluation module is a unique agent evaluation and coaching system to provide contact centers with value for money and easy to use quality monitoring. Contact centres strive to build a highly competent agent workforce that can build customer loyalty, deliver an excellent customer experience that reinforces the brand values, minimises repeat calls, maximises sales through service’ as well as optimize call length.

Storacall Agent Evaluation & Coaching

With employees representing about 60% of the total contact center costs, the need to manage agent performance effectively cannot be ignored and Performance management has to be seen as a key business process that requires objective and consistent measurement, inspirational feedback and skills coaching.

In mid-sized contact centers both cost and ease of use are very important. If the quality monitoring program is to deliver the long term benefits, the system must be a supportive enabling tool and not a barrier. Many systems are too complicated and therefore do not get used fully.

Storacall's VoisCoach Agent Evaluation enables contact centers to ensure calls are evaluated objectively and consistently so that that performance measurement is credible in the eyes of all the stakeholders i.e. agents, team leaders and managers, and comparisons are meaningful between agents and teams. It also helps team leaders to give motivational feedback that will encourage agents to strive for further improvement as well as providing managers with the tools to analyse performance in a practical way so that training needs are met.

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