Perspective Contact Centre Agent Monitoring & Coaching

Live Monitoring, Coaching & Support for Contact Centre Agents

Agent Monitoring

Perspective is a software package designed to help trainers and supervisors to improve call handling and customer service through Live support, monitoring and coaching of agents. Perspective gives Trainers powerful tools to manage and support agents during the induction phase. These include:


Allows trainers to send the training directly to the agents screen and deliver the training via headsets, this gets agents used to the environment they will soon be working in.

Blank Screen

Makes sure trainers get the agents full attention by blanking agent's screens to ensure they listen!


Allows trainers to easily lock keyboards and mice to stop agents fiddling whilst trainers are trying to train.

Group Train

Trainers can take a 'real' call and enable all agents to see their screen and hear the call - this is an invaluable training tool and even records a video of the entire process. Subsequently each agent can take a call, other trainees can listen as a group, the trainer can help if required and then after the call the group can discuss and replay the whole experience.

Perspective gives Supervisors the above tools but enables training and assistance to take place outside of the training room, no more hands in the air or running around the call centre trying to assist agents, supervisors perform all these tasks from their own desktop!

Desktop and Audio Monitoring

Supervisors can view agents screens and at the same time discreetly listen in to agent's conversations.

Whisper Coaching

Supervisors can provide verbal advice and whisper instructions to agents without the caller being able to hear them.

Take Over

Supervisors can intervene and take over an agents desktop, they can control the screen whilst the agent keeps control of the call, your customer will never know but your agent is getting invaluable 'real-time' training!


Supervisors can send announcements or training information simultaneously to any chosen group of agents, no need to take your team off line, perform training to select groups or individuals whilst they are sat at their desktop, if you get a sudden increase in calls simply get them to take the calls and resume training straight away.

One of the major factors in agent churn is the agent feeling out of his/her depth and getting no support. Some people don't like asking questions if all their colleagues can see, but with Perspective agents can discreetly ask for help with a click of a mouse, receive training and feel supported even if they are struggling.

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