Storacall AudioSearch

Call recording speech analysis to provide powerful business intelligence and forensic discovery

Storacall Audio Search

The telephone interactions of a Contact Centre can be a rich source of operational information and market intelligence which can empower managers to improve efficiency and compliance as well as increase revenue generation and reduce risk. The challenge is to find a cost effective, easy and fast way of achieving this goal.

Storacall AudioSearch is a speech analysis package using unique phonetic technology which allows quick and accurate search, review, list, categorisation and tagging of large volumes of call recording audio. It can also be used to search voice mails, video and other audio sources.

Storacall AudioSearch scans and interrogates the actual audio content at 360 million times faster than real-time with a high degree of accuracy, providing the ability to immediately playback the most crucial aspects of the audio files.

AudioSearch works in over 30 languages across a broad range of acoustic qualities, and Its intelligent search facility with filters across a wide range of criteria provides a fast and efficient means of finding and collecting information for analysis. It also gives flexibility in including and excluding topics based on relevance and with sophisticated review tools, the user can start audio playback exactly where the hit occurred or earlier to fully understand the context of the discussion.

AudioSearch costs significantly less than traditional complex enterprise analytics solutions and is available for purchase, rental or on a project service basis. If you require a more complex implementation then Storacall also offer an enterprise level audio analytics package, please contact us for more details.

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