Black Listing

If you have a requirement to record calls but some users on the telephone system would prefer not to be recorded then the Storacall ST system with blacklisting can help.

Black Listing Call Recording Users

Typically most budget telephone system recorders connect to your incoming lines and as such everything is recorded. The Storacall blacklisting feature uses the data from the telephone system to identify which call belongs to which user and then suppress the recordings for those on the blacklist whilst retaining the others.

The ability to have a blacklist gives you total control of who's calls are recorded and stored on our Storacall-ST solution. It could be Directors or HR Departments, whatever the reason it is quick and easy to create a list of users and/or extension numbers whom you wish to be black listed thus ensuring calls to and from the list are not recorded.

Storacall-ST... it's black or white.

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