Latitude - call logging and recording

Storacall Latitude seamlessly combines call recording and management into one application to provide a complete overview of inbound and outbound call handling performance helping organisations to train, monitor and motivate agents so as to maintain and improve customer relationships.

'Latitude' consolidates call-handling activities and visually displays to supervisors and agents an extensive set of user-configurable windows with real-time statistics providing up-to-the minute information to help the management of staff resources and decision-making.

Unlike other call management products 'Latitude' includes full call recording facilities and as standard blanket records all incoming and outgoing calls providing continuous, high-quality digital recording and network archiving of the telephone conversations.

The advanced user-friendly call search and analyse interface enables supervisors to search for specific calls or groups of calls leveraging a multitude of relevant call data such as call volumes, call handling times, call lengths, service levels, calls abandoned, calls in waiting and calls overflowed.

Having located a set of calls meeting the search criteria only a simple double-click is required to play back a specific call recording.

The supervisor can then hear the content of the call to get a better understanding.

For example supervisors may wish to track and improve performance by looking at data showing agents that are handling a below average number of calls or calls that are very short or long.

They can then listen to a selection of calls to see if there are any problems and if further training is required

In addition to showing standard call costs, the hourly cost of an agent, overhead and handling costs can be added to the 'Latitude' database so that managers can see the real costs of inbound call handling, outbound campaigns and telephone transactions.

It is then possible to add revenue per call transaction or a mark up so that the profitability can be ascertained and in addition managers can search or obtain reports using one or more of these cost/profit criteria.

This is a powerful tool allowing managers to show how successful a campaign has been or to identify the highest and lowest cost or profitable agents, groups or departments so that appropriate action can be taken to improve performance.

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