Storacall Call Recorders

Storacall ST Range Specifications

Optional Modules: o
System Details
Solution type USB/PCle PCIe PCIe
Maximum channels per unit (6 slots) 32 120 120
Channel licencing 1 - 32 1 - 120 1 - nnn
Maximum units per system 1 1 unlimited
Ability to have multi-sites x
SMDR integration o o
Connection Types
Digital, SIP and IP Extensions
Analogue Extensions and Trunks
ISDN-30, ISDN-2, DASS, DPNSS or SIP Trunks
Hosted/Cloud Recording x
Storage and Backup
Automatic call archive
Ability to archive off-site
FTP archive with password protection
Choose how long to archive calls
Archive calls for different departments/teams
Searching for Calls
Date, Time and Duration
Caller ID (if available)
Dialled Number
Extension Number
Call Direction (Inbound or Outbound)
Notes (add searchable notes to calls)
Agents Name
Team and/or Department
Saved Search Filters
FCA compliant
PCI DSS compliant - credit card masking o o o
256 bit call encryption
Fully customisable security policies
Multi level password access
Password Expiry
Black list recording rules
User Interface Options
Search and playback via LAN
Search and playback via Internet
Batch export to>WAV o
Call statistics to Excell, CSV or Word
Audit trail on messages & interaction
Audit Trail export
Audit trail on system functions
Group users by departments
Users by Business units
System Features
Unlimited replay clients
Mix analogue, digital and IP in a single solution x
Agent Evaluation Module o o o
Speech Analytics Module (AudioSearch) x o o
Full API Available o o o
Audio Compression
Export and Email calls
Ability to export to CSV, Excel and Word
Full Audit trail with ability to export results
Ability to have multiple servers x o o
Data collection via database integration x o o
Agent Free-seating and Hot-desking support x o o
Screen Capture x x o
System alert and monitoring
System alarm alert by client pop-up
Backup media full alert by client pop-up
Disk full audio alarm on server
Media full audio alarm on server
Pro-Active heartbeat monitoring x o
Pro-Active System alarm alert by e-mail x o
Pro-Active Backup media full alert by e-mail x o
Backup to RAID, NAS/SAN
Network backup multi recorders x
FTP Archiving

Storacall's Agent Evaluation Module enables you to ensure calls are evaluated objectively and consistently so that the performance measurement is credible in the eyes of all the stakeholders i.e. agents, team leaders and managers, and comparisons are meaningful between agents and teams.

Storacall AudioSearch is a speech analysis package using unique phonetic technology which allows quick and accurate search, review, list, categorisation and tagging of large volumes of call recording audio. It can also be used to search voice mails, video and other audio sources.

Storacall’s API is a collection of functions that allow end user programs to extract call data, and/or export calls from the Storacall Recorder without recourse to the web interface.

Storacall’s PCI DSS Module allows the sensitive credit card information of any telephone call to be masked from being recorded.

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