Storacall Voice Applications Case Studies

Storacall continues to push forward into Worldwide Voice Systems markets with an ever increasing roster of prestigious clients who highly recommend Storacall's call recording and call management solutions.

Please review some of the Case Studies of our many successful installations:

    • Caravan Guard Case Study

      Being a specialist insurance broker of touring and static caravans and motorhomes, Caravan Guard needed to scale up its call centre operation. The company felt the time was right to invest in a trunk-based system that could be scaled easily and cost-effectively. Storacall proposed the class-beating, flexible VoiStore solution to Caravan Guard… Download FULL Case Study PDF

    • Daewoo Case Study

      Daewoo came to Storacall with two simple requirements - a robust, mission critical recording system that was simple and easy to use. After lengthy investigations into the options available to them Storacall’s Voistore recorder was selected for this purpose… Download FULL Case Study PDF

    • Red Seven Case Study

      Red Seven...contacted Storacall for assistance, within 2 days a 'VoiStore' call recording solution was installed and the solution had an immediate affect! The first call they monitored identified an additional sales opportunity which had originally been missed by the sales person… Download FULL Case Study PDF

    • Brittany Ferries Case Study

      Storacall proposed its Enterprise-level VoistoreLive call recording solution to record 60-channels of ISDN complete with a data link to the telephone system to provide 'search by extension' capability. This would enable Brittany Ferries call centre staff to deal more effectively with customer service enquiries and disputes management… Download FULL Case Study PDF

    • UPP Residential Services Case Study

      UPP see call recording as an essential part of quality customer service as historical incidents can be recalled to resolve any ambiguity. After discussions with Storacall, URSL decided to implement an extension side analogue recording solution compatible with their existing telephony environment. This provided inbound and outbound call recording to a specific team of individuals.… Download FULL Case Study PDF