Storacall ST Enterprise

The Storacall Enterprise call recording system is an advanced and scalable call recording solution for corporate applications and contact centres, supporting from 10 to 1000s of channels.

Enterprise Call Recording

Storacall Enterprise is highly featured and suitable for single or multiple sites and all blends of telephony. It has a true web-based interface so administrators, reviewers and agents simply require a browser and the appropriate security password to access all aspects of the system including call recording playback, reporting and configuration.

Storacall Enterprise is very versatile and supports recording of analogue trunks / extensions, IP trunks, SIP trunks, Basic Rate ISDN, Primary Rate ISDN, Hosted VoIP and the majority of digital, IP and SIP handsets as well as integrating with a wide range of PBXs, ACDs, communication equipment and CTI Middleware. It also offers hosted, cloud and radio recording. This flexibility allows for the creation of hybrid systems combining any mixture of these technologies. A full range of archive and centralised network back-up options are available to ease the management of large call volumes and reduce administration overheads.

Storacall Enterprise uses advanced voice compression technology minimizing archive storage and the low-bandwidth audio streaming technology means that recordings are delivered extremely quickly, minimising the risk of network bottlenecks. The advanced design allows users to search, retrieve and playback calls with impressive simplicity and speed.

Searches can be made across a network or the internet with multiple recorders using date, time, channel, user name or extension, call duration, CLI, dialled digits, notes and many more. saved searches allow you to create templates for easy call search and playback. Once a call has been located it can easily be saved as a file for delivery by e-mail.

Storacall Enterprise also features call and password encryption, flexible call archiving policies, full API integration, notes fields, full audit trail, automatic system health checks, heartbeat monitoring, business units and groups, customisable user profiles, customisable security settings, export & email search results and search templates.

Storacall Enterprise has been developed by Storacall using Microsoft development & application environment with a distributed Realms architecture and because of it’s modular design capitalising on existing familiar IT infrastructure, it is easy to meet evolving needs, including expanding capacity or adopting new technologies.

Storacall Enterprise is designed to provide solutions in challenging environments including call centres and customer support operations and options include PCI DSS and FCA compliance as well as agent evaluation, screen capture, coaching and analytics modules.

Storacall CC Call Recording Key Features

Advanced Search - Quickly locate and play back call recordings through simple-to-use query tool.

Flexible Archiving - Customisable rules allow you to define which call recordings are stored short-term and which are archived indefinitely and enables records to be auto-archived and/or purged in compliance with business rules or government regulations

Quality Monitoring - A proven quality management platform provides your quality assurance and management staff with a clear way to evaluate employee performance, ensure adherence to corporate procedures and maximize staff productivity

Synchronized Screen Capture - Improve call handling times, customer satisfaction and first call resolution by identifying workflow issues.

PCI Compliance for Call Recording - Storacall's compliance recording bundle helps maintain compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS).

Highly Scalable Call Recording Platform - Your contact centre won't outgrow Storacall, which will scale with your needs and can assist in the transition from TDM to VoIP.

CTI Integration - Leverage your existing infrastructure with seamless integration with most popular systems including Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Siemens, Aspect, Mitel, Alcatel, ShoreTel, NEC and many more.

Blocking & Filtering - Block call recording on specific call profiles. Custom recording rules can be based on call direction, ANI, DNIS, VDN and more.

For a comparison of Call Recording Solutions Features see range specifications.

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