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The property sector in the UK is a continuously changing market place affected by technological developments such as online property portals and mobile technology as well as no commission agencies, Government housing initiatives and property sharing in the major cities.

So to be successful and competitive in this ever more complex and fast moving environment, estate agents need high level customer service backed by excellent communication skills in front line teams. To get the best from these teams, telephone activity needs to be monitored, measured and recorded to provide managers with the visibility to critique call handing and provide training to improve performance and maximise targets.

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It is also essential to have full quality records of agreements made with clients to minimise disputes and to have procedures in place to ensure that staff represent their organisation correctly and meet compliance obligations to the required standard.

Storacall recorders deliver reliable, high-quality recordings of all interactions so that the organisation’s focus can be on offering better customer service and staff development. For organisations with multiple locations/branches, Storacall can provide an organisation wide unified recording solution.

Storacall call recording features include:

  • Secure password protected calls
  • Send copies of calls to staff or clients
  • Reliability and business continuity
  • Highest levels of system security and monitoring
  • Total recording across all communication platforms
  • Fast search and replay – every second counts!
  • Peace of mind knowing this solution is proven in your market place

And of course, all of this is backed by a company which has been in the telephony business for over 45 years.

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