GDPR Compliance Modules

The GDPR rules came into force on 25th May 2018. Storacall offers a range of software modules to assist in GDPR compliance:-

GDPR Module 1 - Call List Provision

If a customer requests a list of calls which you currently have recorded on your call recording system you can use the search functionality to find all recorded calls and then export these results to a .CSV to produce a log file. This will produce a list of what calls you hold for a customer which you can then email to them if required. This module is standard on ST recording systems.

GDPR Module 2 – Voice Batch Export

Under GDPR a customer (Data subject) may request a copy of ALL call recordings/data you currently hold for them, this module allows you to search for all the calls you hold for that particular customer and export them all as .WAV files, you can then burn these to a CD or copy to a memory stick and send them to your customer. The original encrypted recordings remain on the call recording system and all meta data is kept in the database.

You can currently perform this task manually on a call by call basis as standard on your call recording system by selecting each call individually and then selecting export but if you wish to save time and do this in one easy process then the Voice batch export module provides the answer.

GDPR Module 3 - Do Not Record

Under GDPR the caller can request that their call is not recorded. The Do not record module allows you to stop recording at any time and the recording file will be empty from the point the module is activated. In addition the use of the Blacklist facility can ensure that a particular telephone number or extension is never recorded.

GDPR Module 4 - Batch Delete

Under GDPR ‘Right to be Forgotten’ a customer can request that you delete ALL call recordings you currently hold for them. This module allows you to easily search and delete ALL calls permanently from your system for that particular customer (Data subject).

Our sales and support team will be happy to advise on which GDPR option(s) will be best for your business requirements. Call +44(0)1932 710710 or Request a Brochure