Solutions – Healthcare

Storacall provide a complete recording solution for the medical profession that helps eliminate any ambiguity by providing immediate verification of telephone conversations. It is a proven, reliable, cost effective recording solution that will protect reputations now and in the future.


Storacall recorders creates a definitive account of phone-based conversations with affiliated providers and patients, helping to avoid misunderstandings. Administrative staff, physicians and other key personnel enjoy appropriate access to phone-based data while still maintaining privacy requirements.

The benefits of call recording in the Healthcare sector include: Legal and regulatory compliance, Dispute verification, Evidential disclosure, Decision support and liability protection, Improved patient satisfaction and Quality assessment.

Our Healthcare solutions offer you:

  • Secure password protected calls
  • Send copies of calls to staff or clients
  • Reliability and business continuity
  • Highest levels of system security and monitoring
  • Total recording across all communication platforms
  • Fast search and replay – every second counts!
  • Peace of mind knowing this solution is proven in your market place

And of course, all of this is backed by a company which has been in the telephony business for over 45 years.

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