Storacall - 40 years history!

40 years

Apollo 11 lands on the Moon, The Pentagon’s advanced research projects agency (ARPA) had an idea to connect two computers and the Internet was born, Rupert Murdoch purchased The News of the World, Boeing 747 makes its maiden flight, Football legend Pele scores his 1,000th career goal, Regional colour television broadcast begin on BBC1 and ITV. The Battle of Hamburger Hill ends in Vietnam, Concorde breaks the sound barrier, Led Zeppelin releases its first album and the Beatles perform their last public concert on the roof of the Apple Records building.  The year was 1969, and in London three nineteen year olds set up a new company, whose development would closely reflect the dramatic changes that were to take place in the UK telecommunications industry in the decades to come. That company was Storacall.

The company originally started by supplying telephone answering & recording machines, and in 1970 the company introduced a revolutionary acoustically coupled machine to bypass the telephone regulations as it was not directly connected. This equipment was a key example cited in the campaign by the Telephone Users Association and the Press to persuade the Post Office and the government to liberalise the market.When Mrs Thatcher came to power in 1979 Storacall, although the smallest of the Post Office licensed companies participated in the ABTAS & DTI negotiations that led to libralisation of the telephone attachments market in a matter of months.

In the early 1980s the company introduced the first telephone with a built in recording system and added multi line call recording, call sequencing and telephone announcers, the later being used for the BT recorded weather service and BBC programme information. Today Storacall offers a suite of innovative call handling, recording and live agent coaching technologies that enable call centres of any size to achieve the highest levels of performance, quality assurance and liability protection.

Many Storacall clients have been customers for more that ten years and some for much longer, two of the founders are still directors and half the staff have been with the company for over ten years providing continuity and a wealth of experience

Storacall - Helping companies to answer and record telephone calls for 40 years