Solutions – Mobile Call Recording

These days many people are working remote from the office and they need to make and take strategically important phone calls wherever they may be.

mobile call recording

Increasingly many organisations are also now required to record every call for legal compliance management or dispute resolution and the ability to record mobile calls completes the picture. A mobile solution can be provided in a variety of ways:

  • 'On-Premise' recording via the Storacall mobile server enabling the recording of mobile electronic communication in a fully compliant manner, to ensure that users adhere to market regulations with all calls stored alongside landline calls on a central Storacall recording platform.
  • Bluetooth recording provides a recording of your calls directly from your mobile to a recording device with USB transfer of the recordings to a PC or central recorder.
  • 'Hosted' recording with all calls routed via a hosted call recording platform with replay and management control functions provided via the web

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Note -
On 11th November 2010 the FCA (formerly FSA) confirmed that it would be removing the mobile taping exemption from its previous legislation on call recording, and has given the market a year to comply, making it essential that all regulated organisations start to take action to ensure that they are fully compliant.