Solutions – Portable Surveillance, Military Recording

The Storacall Portable Recorder and player is designed for portable telephone and radio surveillance monitoring for the military, security and surveillance markets.


The recorder consists of a rugged portable PC fitted with one or more multi-line communications recording cards together with a 14 inch TFT active matrix color display.

It measures approximately 11 x 7 x 16 inches, weighs around 18 lbs and is supplied in a Pilot case complete with wheels to allow for easy and rapid deployment.

The PC case uses shell-within-a-shell technology, The outer shell is an injection molded, fibre reinforced polycarbonate composite - a material exhibiting a higher strength to weight ratio than steel. The inner shell is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum.

The recorder can record analog, digital, ISDN, VoIP and radio channels as well as allowing the creation of hybrid systems.

Generally overall capacity, is 96 channels of analogue or digital or 240 channels of ISDN communications The unit is designed for hostile environments with an operating shock of 10G over 11ms and up to 150W of tri–circuit heat dissipation.

When operated in the field, the portable Storacall unit can be used as a data capture only unit with recordings being transferred to the analysis centre by DVD or the whole unit being removed and connected on to a main office network.

Alternatively the unit can be fully used on the recording site so that recording, live monitoring and full search & playback are immediately available.


If installed in a noisy location remote playback can be set up to overcome any background noises.

Operations in the field can also be extended using optional 12 volt power which can be supplied from power points on vehicles

The portable Storacall uses standard PC components reducing costs whilst facilitating easy upgrades.

It is compatible with standard Storacall software, uses the popular easy to use interface and also benefits from advanced voice compression technology minimising archive storage.

Tamper proof encoding is standard and low-bandwidth audio streaming technology also means that recordings are delivered extremely quickly, allowing users to search, retrieve and playback calls with impressive simplicity and speed.

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