Storacall Professional VS

Storacall Professional VS features include:

True Web-Based Interface

Storacall Professional VS is a new-generation, highly expandable call recorder with a true web based interface.

Because it is designed to be fully network compatible you can configure, control and retrieve calls at will via the internet as well as the LAN.

It will even support ‘Real-time’ monitoring from multiple remote workstations.

Advanced Voice Compression

Voistore Lite utilises the latest G.723.1 compression algorithm offering outstanding sound quality together with extremely high compression rates from just 6.3kbps.

Voice files compressed using the G.723.1 algorithm are typically 5 times smaller than the equivalent recording stored using conventional encoding.

For instance, 70GB of hard disk capacity would be enough to record and store 50,000 hours.

Fast Search and Retrieval

The low-bandwidth audio streaming technology means that recordings are delivered extremely quickly, minimising the risk of network bottlenecks and the advanced design lets you search, impressive simplicity and speed.


Storacall Professional VS offers ISDN and analogue trunk-side as well extension-side recording with integration via a data port with a wide range of PBXs and ACDs.

In addition the application software is built around widely accepted technologies and the hardware is based on Industry Standard components allowing for simple integration and implementations.

Recording Options

Storacall Professional VS offers you Total or Selective recording along with Real-Time monitoring.

Call Archiving And Audit Trail

Storacall Professional VS is supplied with a DVD-RAM drive for archiving. This can be easily expanded to NAS or SAN archive. The system also has an audit trail of activity.

PCI DSS Fully Supported

PCI DSS is a set of comprehensive requirements for enhancing payment account data security. Storacall Professional VS if fully PCI DSS compliant today but also has the tools to easily adapt for any future changes.

Easy To Access a Call

Storacall Professional VS saves call information in a central database, which is easily searched using the web browser interface.

This capitalises on the existing, familiar IT infrastructure to give virtually instant call playback from any authorised PC.

Access is controlled via password-protected user accounts. A located call can be saved simply for e-mailing or manipulation using an industry standard voice file editor.

The save format can be selected as either the universal standard WAV or, for minimum fire size, using the compressed WMA format.

Full API Support

Comprehensive API allowing integration with your desktop applications, add notes, customer reference details along with policy reference numbers to recorded calls and use these to search for calls.

  • Web-based interface
  • PCI DSS and FCA Compliant Recording
  • Fast search and retrieval
  • Rock-solid reliability.