Solutions – Public Sector

Storacall understands the demands of the Government, Public Sector and Local Authorities along with the challenges this market sector has including the increasing demand for transparency and accountability.

Public Sector

In addition taxpayers are looking for better value so solutions need to be cost effective, robust, reliable and quick to access, that’s why Storacall solutions ensure you find the communication information you require quickly and easily, whilst helping to streamline business processes.

Working in the public sector can often feel like a thankless task, many employees are dealing with difficult situations but they do this in the knowledge that they are contributing to the good of others, solving real problems in the most important areas of people’s lives.

Storacall offers the solution whether you’re recording to help manage complaints, provide support and training for staff or as a way to ensure that your organisation has irrefutable records of dialogue with the public.

Added resilience such as dual power supplies, mirrored raid drives and resilient storage to NAS give you that added peace of mind. From 4 to 4,000 channels, Storacall solutions are totally flexible, totally manageable and totally affordable.

Our Public Sector solutions offer you:

  • Secure password protected calls
  • Send copies of calls to staff or clients
  • Reliability and business continuity
  • Highest levels of system security and monitoring
  • Total recording across all communication platforms
  • Fast search and replay – every second counts!
  • Peace of mind knowing this solution is proven in your market place

And of course, all of this is backed by a company which has been in the telephony business for over 45 years.

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