Record On Demand : Call Recording when Needed

This feature is most useful for Managers and Directors whose calls are not normally recorded but who would like to be selective in when they do record and in organisations where blanket recording is not required Storacall Record On Demand can empower agents to record calls when they feel it is necessary due to the complexity or controversial nature of the conversation.

Record on Demand

In addition the feature can be activated by staff as required as a protection against abusive callers.

The software provides auto login, fast access to Storacall client screen, delete or save call, save with notes plus recording options.

Users can choose to Record all calls, the current call or the next call. Once the call has completed they can choose to keep it and add notes, or delete it.

Once activated the software monitors the users' calls and allows them to make the decision to discard the call, or keep it.

On call completion, all calls to or from the users telephone will activate a small popup showing the details of the call.

By clicking the pop-up, the application will give options to save with notes or delete the call.

The Record on Demand option is available on Storacall systems using ISDN primary/ basic rate or analogue trunks utilising a SMDR connection to the telephone system. The software is available in 5,10,15, or unlimited user versions.

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