Storacall Selective Recording

Storacall 'Selective' recording allows companies to record only the number of calls needed to meet quality goals and so it can be implemented at a lower price than full blanket call recording because only a few calls are recorded at one time reducing hardware and licensing costs with for example a reduction of 8:1 in the number of recorder channels needed.

Selective Call Recording

The call centre manager can decide how many calls are needed per agent per day, week or month.

However if calls are need to be recorded for compliance or regulatory standards, selective recording is not an option.

Storacall 'Selective' recording is ideal for call centres that do not currently have a call recording system but do have a quality improvement programme and blanket recording of calls is unnecessary.

Businesses that have contemplated investing in call recording for quality assurance but have been put off by the cost can start with selective recording, which may well be more suitable for the requirement, if these requirements change then the recording system can be upgraded from a 'selective' recorder into a 'blanket' recorder without the need to replace the equipment.

For the complete cost-effective training application including 'Selective' recording see Storacall Agent Improvement Module

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