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System Integrations

Our solution will seamlessly integrate to all traditional PBX's allowing us to capture employee details from the switch thus enhancing call search.

We integrate with 2-way radio systems providing a centralised recording solution for site security, marine, air and emergency services.

We can download calls from hosted providers allowing you to store all calls including home workers on a central system with full security and encryption along with saving you money on expensive long-term hosted storage costs.


Intuitive User Interface

Easy to use graphical interface lets you search, retrieve and playback calls with simplicity and speed.

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Export Recordings

Export single or multiple calls for review, training or compliance purposes.

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Full Audit Trail

Searchable audit trail allows you to see who has done what and when on the system.

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Full Security

Our configurable security access gives you total control of calls and functions within the system.

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Multiple User Profiles

Fully customisable user profiles allow you to see the information the way you want to see it.

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Full Compliance

Complete compliance with the latest communication laws.

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Comprehensive Search Criteria

A variety of search criteria including telephone number, extension, user name, call duration, call direction and date/time.

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Add Notes to Recordings

Add policy/reference numbers or comments to calls and use the text as searchable fields.

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Our recording solution can integrate to PBX's, cloud solutions and desktop applications.

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Confusion over an address, telephone number or instructions can be quickly clarified.

Dispute Resolution

Listen to how the conversation was handled, what was agreed and aid your disputes.

Staff Development

A cost effective yet powerful way of achieving improved performance and delivering training.

Refine your Processes

Listen to your call handling processes to ensure they are working for your business.

Phone System Integration – how does it work?

What are the different types of phone system integration?

How can it positively affect CRM (Customer Record Management)?

Can it save on costs down the line?


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