Solutions - Transport

The Transport industry has to deal with increasing customer growth and demands for improved customer service as well as compliance with stringent safety requirements.


Accordingly Transport operators are implementing call recording so that they can provide evidence of their actions during transport accidents and other incidents.

In addition the use of call recording for monitoring and training staff can improve the service provided to customers and help increase revenues and profitability.

Storacall solutions are used by airlines, rail companies, ports, underground operators, as well as ferry and shipping companies and our recorders provide a highly reliable scaleable recording solutions which assists managers to review and verify information, assist dispute resolution, and provide liability protection with access to real time monitoring and irrefutable evidence

Our Transport services solutions offer you:

  • Secure password protected calls
  • Send copies of calls to staff or clients
  • Reliability and business continuity
  • Highest levels of system security and monitoring
  • Total recording across all communication platforms
  • Fast search and replay – every second counts!
  • Peace of mind knowing this solution is proven in your market place

And of course, all of this is backed by a company which has been in the telephony business for over 45 years.

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