The Power of Recording

Our powerful business call recording solution offers the unique ability to record any type of communication audio and combine it all in one place.

Therefore, whatever your platform may be, our recording solution is designed to work with the systems of today and the technology of tomorrow.

Business Call Recording by Storacall

It is important that you choose the right call recording solution for your business requirements and that means understanding how your needs might change – for instance, you might be looking at increasing staff numbers, you may in the future look to swap out your traditional telephone system for a Voice Over IP (VoIP) solution or hosted cloud telephony. Therefore, because you don’t know what the future holds you need to implement a call recording solution that has the capability to change and adapt along with your business requirements.

However large or small your call recording needs, certain requirements remain the same – your call recording system must be robust, easy to use and provide you with a large range of call data by which to search and replay your calls. It is of no use to anybody if you have the calls recorded but you cannot quickly and easily find them when they are needed!

Our Storacall-ST call recorder is highly featured, cost effective and reliable, providing you with a call recording solution capable of connecting to 100’s of channels per box. Storacall have been trading for over 50 years, because of this we understand the issues you face and we are here to help you every step of the way. Storacall-ST has been developed using our vast experience and understanding of the telecommunications market and the various telephone systems which are available, as such, our solution can integrate to analogue trunks / extensions, analogue and IP radio channels, IP trunks, SIP trunks, Basic Rate ISDN, Primary Rate ISDN, hosted telephony and the majority of digital, IP and SIP handsets currently available.

The tangible benefits of using call recording services

Each business has a different need or requirement from call recording software. For instance, you could be a financial services institution who has a legal requirement to record calls, you may be looking to verify orders or instructions give over the telephone or you may want to improve customer service and train your staff to help improve the customer experience. Whatever your business needs from a call recording solution, Storacall can help.


Confusion over an address, telephone number or instruction can be quickly clarified by listening to those telephone conversations using call recording technology.​

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance regulations have meant that call recording is becoming increasingly necessary within companies that are subject to such regulations. These include PCI DSS , FCA , MiFID II and GDPR regulations.​

Dispute Resolution

Organisations that take orders or instructions over the telephone and particularly where financial transactions are involved, find that the time to resolve a dispute is greatly reduced and the outcome improved when call recording has been implemented.​

Performance & Training

With increasing amounts of business being conducted over the telephone, the performance and training of telephone staff is of vital importance. Therefore, the use of a call recorder for the evaluation and training of these staff is an effective way of not only helping you develop staff performance but most importantly it helps to improve the customer experience when dealing with your business over the telephone.​

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