Reduce, Improve and Increase with UCE

UCE is a comprehensive call management solution providing compliance, security and consistency for all your call recording data.

Consolidate your live and legacy call recording data in to one central solution which will provide easy call search and playback, easy call management and increased compliance.

Universal Call Extractor from Storacall

UCE has been developed to enable businesses to get greater functionality from their call recording solutions whilst reducing costs, improving functionality and increasing security/compliance.

As solutions change and the technological landscape is evolving some things remain constant, compliance is essential, security is key and control a necessity. 

Ask yourself a few simple questions –

  • How can you control your call data?
  • Do you have legacy solutions which hold call data for compliance but pose security risks due to old OS, high support costs or worst still you have no support at all, so what if this system fails and you can no longer access this data?
  • Do you face issues when searching for calls on your new hosted solution?
  • Are your call storage costs increasing month on month?
  • Can you easily prove compliance if asked?

We work with your business to bring together all your call data in to one central solution.  This provides you with consistency and security and a single access to any live and legacy call recording data you may have.

The benefits of UCE are considerable, save time looking for calls from various platforms, save money on storage costs, reduce legacy support contract costs along with providing security for risk compliance.

UCEReduce Costs, Improve Functionality and Increase Security

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