NHS and Health Sector Telephone Call Recording

Storacall provide a complete telephone call recording solution for the NHS and Health Sector that will help to eliminate any ambiguity by providing immediate verification of telephone conversations between patients and staff.

Proven, reliable and cost effective, our solution is an invaluable tool for our clients.

Why choose Storacall?

As a proven supplier to the NHS and health sector, we have implementations in individual hospital wards right the way through to entire healthcare organisations.   As a result, we supply our clients with a definitive account of phone-based conversations between staff and patients.

The benefits of telephone call recording include:

  • Staff protection
  • Dispute verification
  • Decision support and liability protection
  • Improved patient satisfaction

The benefits of telephone call recording for the NHS and health sector

Most people use a telephone to contact some part of the health sector.  For instance,  to book an appointment with a doctor or a clinic, discuss with the pharmacy about a prescription or medication given or call a hospital ward to ask about the wellbeing of a patient. 

The list is endless, however the issue remains constant….. If expectations are not met or if ill advice is given what do you have to back up your staff/colleagues?

As a result, if you do not have recording you end up in the age old situation…… your word against theirs!

Therefore, by implementing a telephone call recording solution you will eliminate the ‘who said what’ scenario.  You will be provided with the entire conversation thus allowing you to quickly and easily check and verify what was discussed/agreed.  Furthermore, you can check that the expectations of the patient are met and/or verify that the information you provided was correct.

In conclusion, you work in a high pressure environment, having a proven telephone call recording solution to provide back-up is vital.

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