Export Recordings

All calls are stored in an encrypted format on our server, however you may wish to export copies of these calls to clients or wish to use them for training purposes.

If you have the user access rights you can download a copy of a recording and then send it via email or save it to your system,

Export Features

You can export copies of calls and use them as training material or send them to clients in the case of a dispute.  The original call remains on the call recording solution, however, a copy of the call is made as a .mp3 file so these can be played on any multimedia device.

The ability to make copies of calls is restricted in the users ‘Security Role’ so you always keep full control of who has access to this functionality.

Download or Export a Call
The process to download a call is controlled by a simple click.  Providing you have the correct user security rights  you simply just click Download Call. 

The default file name for the download is ZYYYMMDDhhmmss000xxxxxxxx.mp3 where xxxxxx is our internal device number. Enter your own filename as required during the save/save-as process.

Bulk Export of Calls
The batch export application has been designed to allow users of the Storacall ST system to bulk export calls from the Storacall system, i.e. CRM.The program uses the system’s API function calls and a secure proxy connection to the database. The secure proxy controls who and what logged on users are allowed to access and export.


  • Can be run from any machine on the network
  • Run on Win10, Server 2012/16
  • Export permissions based on security role membership
  • Calls can be filtered by: –

Caller and/or called number
User and/or Extension

  • Exports can be scheduled hourly, daily, weekly.
  • Output folders can be in a Date/User or User/Date structure

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