Extension/Handset Recording Integration

Sometimes known as ‘station recording’ or ‘handset recording’, this kind of system records calls direct from the handsets. In an extension recording configuration, calls are recorded from behind the PBX. This allows the recorder to record internal as well as external calls. There are three main phone types, these are Analogue, Digital or IP.

The diagrams below illustrates the basic configuration of an extension recording system. Note how the recording device interfaces directly with the PBX handsets (or headsets, turrets etc), rather than the PSTN trunk.

extension connectivity

For IP Extensions the data packets are ‘Mirrored’ directly to the call recording system to enable us to record the calls. Please note that no wiring goes directly to the handset, all connectivity is done on your PBX ‘patch panel’ or via a ‘mirrored’ port.

IP extension connectivity