Radio Recording Integration

Storacall provide radio recording solutions to many high profile clients such as the police, military and defense contractors along with organisations in security and public safety such as the NHS, local authorities, universities and transport sectors both in the UK and overseas. The ability to offer a combined telephone and radio recording solution is a major factor in our success in this area. Standard integrations into SAAB Tactical, Cyfas Csoft, Danphone, Telex, Motorola and CX3000 radio along with analogue and Radio Over IP technology means we can record almost any radio requirement you may have.

Radio over IP (RoIP) can be considered and an IP version of VOX recording.  ROIP uses Multicast IP packets from radios and other devices.

The recorder triggers on this activity and starts recording.  After a preset amount of silence “hang time” the recorder will stop recording.

radio traffic recording