Intuitive User Interface

The advanced design allows users to search, retrieve and playback calls with impressive simplicity and speed.

Searches can be made across a network or the internet with multiple recorders using date, time, channel, user name or extension, call duration, CLI, dialled digits, notes and many more. saved searches allow you to create templates for easy call search and playback.

Once a call has been located it can easily be saved as a file for delivery by e-mail.

Easy to use - yet

Watch the system overview video below to see how easy our solution is to operate.  Storacall-ST has been designed to enable users to quickly understand how our solution functions, leaving you more time to listen to the calls you want whilst spending less time learning how to find them!

Many companies can offer you a call recording solution, but only Storacall can provide you one which is easy to use, offers you multiple levels of search criteria and will work with any mix of telephony.

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