Integration for Hosted Call Recording

Our call recording solution has the ability to ‘import’ calls from your hosted telephony provider. This offers several benefits over traditional hosted call recording. Firstly, all your calls are stored in an encrypted format providing added security compared to hosted solutions. Secondly, as your calls are not stored with your hosted provider you eliminate the costly ongoing storage charges incurred by storing your calls in the cloud. Thirdly, our solution offers a full audit trail so you can comply with industry regulations such as GDPR and finally, when you want to find a recorded call you use the Storacall search and playback software which offers many more features than the traditional hosted recording platforms, thus making call retrieval quicker and more intuitive.

cloud hosted call recording

Cloud Call Import is a new feature on Storacall call recording systems providing the ability to import call recordings from Cloud based call recording platforms into an organisations premise based recording infrastructure.

Whether your organisation is required to store all voice and data recordings on premise for a set retention period, is required to keep calls centrally for compliance purposes or simply needs a convenient way to quickly retrieve and access recordings captured across an entire organisation then Storacall Cloud Call Import is ideal for your business.

Storacall Cloud Call Import provides users with the ability to import many channels of mixed recordings from multiple locations to just one central site which can then be accessed by administrators, reviewers and agents.

Access to these calls are all controlled by a strict set of password policies and a full audit trail is available to see who has been listening to your calls.