Storacall Integrations with Existing Systems for Hosted Call Recording Management

By Sabrina Meadows

Call recording working at office and home working

Call Recording Management has become business as usual over many sectors.

Businesses recognise investing in a telephone call recorder brings many benefits such as:

  • Call coaching to identify training needs for staff members to add value to their calls.
  • Businesses can analyse complaint handling which ensures they are handled correctly.
  • Telephone numbers, address, or instructions can be quickly verified by listening to the telephone conversations to avoid mistakes.
  • Adherence to Compliance regulations, such as GDPR, mean that call recording is a requirement within regulated industries.

With the increase in home working during the pandemic, there has been an ever-increasing requirement for recording calls. Monitoring coaching needs, performance and compliance can be difficult if a manager is not sat with their team. Call Recording has enabled a smooth transition to different ways of working whilst maintaining the quality of services to their customers.

The need for a robust, easy to use, reliable system has never been greater!

Call Recording Management challenges

When choosing the right solution, businesses have many criteria to consider:

  1. We are often told by new Customers during onboarding, that they require a Call Recording Management system that provides them with a large range of searchable variables which can be used to filter and search their calls. It is of no use to anybody if calls are recorded and stored but you cannot quickly and easily find them when they are needed!
  2. Historically, businesses who have invested in call recording services have found they face hefty charges to ‘store’ their calls. Financial impacts have meant they are resistant to move from their existing provider.
  3. It takes a large investment of time to work out what the needs of the business are now and in the future. These needs are always evolving, they can often find they choose a service only to find one size does not fit all!

Let’s take a look at how Storacall helps you overcome these challenges.

A business Call Recording Management System to suit all existing and future needs

Storacall has a flexible, easy to use and low cost solution to all of these challenges:

Protection of your existing investments

Storacall has an ideal solution for you that works with your existing telephony provider’s system as we can ‘import’ calls from your hosted telephony provider.

Location, Location, Location – Cloud Call import

Cloud Call Import gives you the ability to import call recordings from Cloud based call recording platforms into an organisation’s premise based recording infrastructure.

When you want to find a recorded call you use the Storacall search and playback software. This provides you with many more features than the traditional hosted recording platforms,  making call retrieval quicker and more intuitive.

Flexibility of Call Recording Management

You can import from many channels of mixed recordings, from multiple locations, to just one central site which can then be easily accessed in a few clicks.

Safe and Secure Call Recording

The encrypted format of your stored calls provides added security compared to hosted solutions.

Reduction in Recording Storage Costs

Eliminate Costly ongoing storages charges from your hosted provider by storing your calls in the cloud.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Our solution offers a full audit trail so you can comply with industry regulations such as GDPR.

Storacall Call Recording Management solutions is a powerful, robust and easy to use system solving all your existing challenges.

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