System Integrations

Our solution will seamlessly integrate to all traditional PBX’s allowing us to capture employee details from the switch thus enhancing call search. ​

We integrate with 2-way radio systems providing a centralised recording solution for site security, marine, air and emergency services.

We can download calls from hosted providers allowing you to store all calls including home workers on a central system with full security and encryption along with saving you money on expensive long-term hosted storage costs.

What are the different types of phone system integration?

Call recording from Storacall is very versatile, providing you with multiple integration options for capturing customer information on your phone calls and/or radio traffic. Our solution supports trunk-side, extension-side, radio, hosted and IP recording in virtually any communications environment. Our dynamic approach enables the creation of hybrid systems mixing any blend of communication architecture thus protecting your investment. A typical example of this is that you many currently have a traditional ISDN line but you may be looking at changing this to hosted SIP trunks in the future, no problem, we can combine both types of telephony in the same platform. Having this type of flexibility in your call recording solution allows you to protect your investment in legacy systems while at the same time supporting emerging technologies and the future direction of your business telephony.

So what are you looking to integrate to?

Depending on the telephony of your business and your goals for implementing a call recording solution there are various ways in which Storacall can assist you with your requirement.  You need to ask yourself several questions: –

Why do I want to record?
What do I want to record?
What telephony do I currently have?
Do I see my telephony changing in the short/medium term?

Lets tackle these questions one at a time, firstly ‘Why do I want to record?’.  It could be you need recording for compliance regulations or you could want to improve your customer service team’s performance, whatever the reason for wanting to record your calls you will need a clear understanding as this will help us to help you.

Next, ‘What do I want to record?’, this is a very important question as the answer to this will define the way you approach implementing a call recording solution.  Are internal (extension to extension) calls important? do you have home workers you need to record? do you transfer calls to 3rd parties and require these to be recorded? Making sure you fully understand and appreciate the various options available to you is critical in making the right business decision on a call recording solution.

Once you have established ‘why you want to record’ and ‘what you want to record’ the next stage is understanding what telephony you currently have.  Storacall can integrate to the majority of PBX’s and handsets available in the marketplace, however, depending on what you have identified in the first two questions will help to determine how we look at implementing your recording solution and what we recommend to you.  

This brings us nicely to the final question ‘Do I see my telephony changing in the short/medium term?’  You may currently have a traditional PBX connected to ISDN lines, however you may be planning to change this to an IP based PBX connected to SIP trunks in the future or even looking to go to a fully hosted telephone system.  A major benefit of our Storacall-ST solution is we work with multiple telephony types in a single solution and you can easily upgrade in the future thus protecting your investment and making sure you make the right decision for your business.

Integration Types


Looking to record inbound/outbound lines?


Looking to record extensions or handsets?


Do you have a hosted/cloud telephone system? ​


Looking to record IP or analogue radio channels?

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